Disability Settings

Does anyone know at all how to change the size of the selection tabs. I cannot see them at all, do to loosing vision as I age. I compensated by getting larger and larger monitors, but that has actually been counter productive as my resolution has gotten larger. Now while I can zoom in on most things, those selection tab things that are on the docking stations, I do not even know what to call them are now so small I cannot even see them I just have to slowly move my mouse around till I see it show the hover text of what is underneath.

While this works for the most part and I do not mind having to take extra time for things, it is kind of difficult because I cannot find what I need when I cannot see it. I spent a few hours looking for how to change it. Then I spent a few more hours trying to get on discord, and only half succeeded once when it tried to make a new discord account for me. Now I feel like I am a complete computer dunce when I used to be able to draw, edit and navigate stuff easily.

If anyone can point me in the correct direction I would greatly appreciate it. I didn’t think it would be so difficult to pick up an old hobby from a couple years ago. I love this software I have been using it for decades. Sheesh I feel so old now.


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Welcome! I don’t know how to change furniture sizes in the Gimp UI, sorry.

Software is always written by youngsters with perfect eyesight. Personally, I use a magnifying glass. A physical one, sitting just to the left of my keyboard.

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There is a plugin that creates a small gtkrc file in your Gimp User profile that sets text and tab sizes.

To see if it works for your installation get the file from here: gimp icon sizes

Unzip it and put in your User profile. Restart Gimp
Go to the GimpChat link, download the plugin, install, run…restart…

I so understand what you mean. Argh!

You haven’t written what your system / desktop is. In Gnome there is a “global zoom” mode that magnifies everything and moves the pixels around as you move the mouse. You can turn it on – with a configured key, Win-Backslash for me – then position the pointer, then turn it off, and the pointer will “stick” to the same pixel on the screen where it was when zoomed.

Gnome has its problems including social ones, but they got this so very right even this old curmudgeon must appreciate.