Disable library database?

(pphoto) #1

I use Darktable for RAW processing only. All my files are ordered in folders and subfolders on my hard drive.

The only thing that interest me is the editing history of my photos. I have no usage for tagging, film rolls or groups.

I never bothered about the library database until one day the database was out of sync with the XMP files and every image showed up twice. Almost lost many edits which were not saved in XMP. Luckily I was able to copy the histories between database and XMP versions and recover the edits.

After that and rebuilding the database I didn’t had any problems, but I’m asking myself why keeping the same information in two different places in different formats.

Darktable has an option to disable the usage of XMP files, bot not to disable the database.

Is there a way to disable this? Or did I miss something about the library?

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(Mica) #2

You can try darrktable --library :memory: which puts the database in memory and discards it on application exit.


(pphoto) #3

I already tried that but Darktable didn’t write anything into the XMP, too.