Disable module summary popups?

Is it possible to disable the auto-appearance of these popups?


The information is useful but I would assume (?) is available in the user manual and to me the popups are a bit in the way at times. Personally, I virtually never move modules around anyway.,

Just curious - Thanks.

You can toggle on/off all tooltip visibility by shift+t.
(You can find it in the “global” column in the accelerator overview (help) window. Hold down h, or toggle on/off by alt+h).

So they’re tied, not separate. I often like the per-button tooltips, just not these module-level summaries.


@lphilpot I agree that being able to turn this off in the preferences would be a good idea. They are great for newbies, but annoying for experienced users.

Would a slightly longer delay before they pop up be enough? I’d rather not see more and more options in preferences, it’s complex enough as is. And, while I don’t need/use them often, when I want them it’s nice to avoid a round-trip through the preferences dialog…

On “normal” use (for me) I rarely (if ever) see the popups, I have to hover on purpose to get them. I think the delay now is 1s, perhaps 1.5s or 2s would work?

My opinion here isn’t worth a lot since these days I use primarily ART, but theoretically a longer delay for the module summaries only would help. But I wouldn’t want to be subject to a longer delay for the others.

But once again, I don’t have too much “right to comment” since I’m not as much of a heavy user as I once was. Just my opinion, FWIW.