Disable tool tips


Hello. How to disable tool tips in darktable? (ubuntu studio cosmic, DT 2.6-2.7)


What makes you dislike tool tips or why you want them to disappear?

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I have the same question as @AxelG, but I also see what may be the answer. Tool tips like the following add nothing to usability but hide other items on the screen.


There is an answer explained and illustrated by elGordo. Also, and often, it blocks the click … It’s messy and when I have to process hundreds of thousands of images, the little time lost is multiplied, and the perpetual flicker is boring. I dont need tooltips… I know the software! Why do you answer me by a question?

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Answering by a question is called understanding. As I know, there’s not possibility at this time to disable tooltips.

If you want that to be implemented, I recommand you to post that as a feature request on darktable github (ie an option on preferences) : https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/issues/new/choose.

Of course, explaining why (so answering on AxelG question) will help to have a developer appreciate your idea or develop it (of course, if you have skills to, you can develop that and propose that as a pull request).

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