Discourse 3.0 incoming

Yes, it remembers what I have read, etc, but 46 MB in 1259 files? For comparison, Shakespeare wrote only 5 MB.

I don’t think the problem is pictures, as the largest single file is only 4 MB, named “caches.sqlite”. Anyhow, I have tracked down and deleted most of the files.

My Firefox cache in general is 2-3GB easy, so 45mb doesn’t bother me, but different strokes for different folks.

@snibgo I understand the feel of bloat. But perhaps think of it this way. Chrome’s developer tools tell me that it transfers anywhere between 1.5 and 3 MB of data when I open a random page on Pixls. You only need to open the site 15 times to have transferred 45 MB of data. If 20% (?) of it is already cached locally, it saves you 9 MB of data transfer, and effectively 3 additional page loads for free. A good cache also results in some speed improvement. Personally, I would call that useful.
Also, seeing that 1 GB of SSD storage space costs around €0,086 (even less if you use an old HDD), you only need to spend around €0,004 to be able to store some cached data for your favorite place on the web :wink:

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Since the new version I notice a diminished responsiveness in general but especially when showing images. Sometimes it takes a second or 2 to load and as it is right now, a very long time and you’re seeing this:

And a second or 2 isn’t generally something to complain about, but that is if you’re lucky atm and the previous version did not show this behaviour.

This is also the case when uploading an edit. The preview window takes a rather long time to show the image. Strange thing is that the upload itself goes rather fast, but the showing of the image is slow (very slow at times).

Before you ask: This is limited to Pixls, all other sites load instantly. It’s also not limited to today.

Just in case: I’m on Linux (Debian) with Mozilla Firefox.

Well images come from the amazon s3 storage and not from our local server. but could you check with the network tab in the developer tools? (ctrl+shift+i) and then save the output as HAR file (see the little cog icon on the right side of the developer tools).


Never used this functionality in Firefox, so here’s what I did:

  • start Firefox,
  • load https://discuss.pixls.us,
  • ctrl-shft-i,
  • select network tab and make sure all is selected,
  • force a reload and wait till page is fully loaded,
  • load the Hotel Room High Contrast topic and scroll down to end,
  • save captured data.

This specific recorded session was reasonably responsive compared to, for example, this morning but slower then with the previous discourse version.

I also checked when the last Firefox update was pushed by Debian: 2023/01/21.

I also did not make any preference changes to Firefox or the plug-ins used in the last couple months.

PS: Not entirely sure what is captured so I send you the log privately.

I just ran into one of those really bad ones and made a capture:

  • loaded discuss hone page,
  • entered the Last of the morning fog topic,
  • scrolled through it (once the image where loaded…),
  • made a reply and uploaded an image (stopped when preview was done).

All that took 10.21 minutes By far the most of that was taken up by showing the uploaded image in the preview screen.

Checked while waiting and all other sites worked nicely.

Log, again, send privately.

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So far, I haven’t experienced any problems with it.

It comes and goes in waves. At the moment it is as fast as it is ever been.

I just re-uploaded a slightly edited version of a previous image I did and that one went trough in no-time, just as I am used to.

Maybe darix has some use for the logs I send him.

  1. you have random wait spikes to cloudfront and to our server. are you sure your line or so is fine?

I haven’t noticed any difference in responsiveness, on Firefox 109 (Arch).

Yes, I am.

As mentioned earlier, I checked connections/responses to other sites. I made sure to choose busier/larger websites, ones that have many larger images on a single page. To be sure I also tested e-mail, IRC, a torrent and a clone from GitHub. I did that during the 10+ minutes Pixls issue I send you the log from (2nd one) and all except the Pixls site worked as expected.

My hardware, Firefox, preferences and configurations haven’t changed. Pixls has, though, and is the only one showing this issue, of and on, ever since.

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With some sites, discuss.pixls.us included, I have a really weird experience with Firefox on Android, but not with Firefox on desktop; and not on Chrome Android.
If I start Firefox on Android, and try to load discuss.pixls.us, often it just hangs indefinitely. Reloading, restarting the browser does not help.
If I then close Firefox, forcibly stop it from Android ‘App management’, clear the cache via the same applet, start Firefox – the same hang happens. However, if I perform the stop / clear cache procedure, load one of the ‘good’ sites, and only load discuss.pixls.us, then it works for a day or two. I then have to repeat the procedure. This is not related to Discourse 3, though. I’m not sure if the site admins can do anything about this. At first, I thought it had to do with uBlock Origin, but this happens even with the add-on disabled.

well it is clearly the cloudfront cache you get routed to tbh. nothing in our control.

forum.manjaro.org runs 3.1.0.beta2 according to the site source.

are you blocking javascript on discuss.pixls.us and allow it on the manjaro forum?

@kofa I am not getting any issues with Firefox Windows or Android. I used to run into curbs all the time one or more years ago. Perhaps, luck is finally on my side.

FYI - I am using Firefox Nightly for Android. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

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