Discourse 3.0 incoming

Discourse 3.0 is Here!

Packaging and testing work will be hopefully done in a few days. Fasten your seat belts. Change is coming!


That’s a lot of features!

I find it kinda funny that they introduce features as being something spectacularly new, while things like live chat have been possible in most bulletin boards since, idk, 2005? And status labels are just a different form of what people used to put in their signatures.

But hey, features! :smiley:

Hm, I was hoping that, with some new version, the topic image preview functionality would become part of the core functionality such that it can be enabled in the PlayRaw category again, in particular because I feel guilty that we lost it. This seems not to be the case this time :slightly_frowning_face:.

Anyway, thanks for the excellent admin work :smile:!


you had real time chat in other forum software since 2005? I highly doubt it.

Maybe not 2005, but certainly 2010. Just a chat box at the bottom of an Invisionfree bulletin board.

Uhoh … it happened! :smiley: Please report all issues in this thread.


Where?? I didn’t feel any earthquakes! :smile:

It is fine. A little extra loading at the beginning on mobile with the 5ish horizonal dots.

Where is the chat feature?

Not enabled.

What? So heated discussions can devolve in real-time? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: We have IRC LOL.

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I’m not so interested in chat feature here. It isn’t the correct forum for that. I see a point in chatroom in gaming communities or community focused on alliance.

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We have a chat already, #pixls.us on OFTC (I think?)

Currently 57 people there. We chat almost every day.

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Same here. For me, the private message thing is better; living in the USA, makes having asynchronous conversations with folks in Europe easier.

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Since the update I’ve not been able to participateusing the latest version of Firefox and Waterfox. I get the following message banner at the top of the site:

Unfortunately, your browser is unsupported. Please switch to a supported browser to view rich content, log in and reply.

See screenshot below:

I get the same message at other forums that use Discourse >3 and it kinda sucks.

@mikae1 Can you tell us specifically what those versions are?

I have noticed the pixls.us takes 45 MB of space for “Cookies and Site Data” on my Windows 11 computer, Firefox v109.0.1.

I appreciate the wonderful features of the software, but I question why it needs to store so much space on my computer. I don’t know if the space is needed for Discourse generally, or specifically for pixls.us.

Cached images, likely.

Cookies and site data is probably things like remember which threads you have read until where and so on.