discuss.pixls.us very slow to load - sometimes!

I don’t know if this is a problem at my end or not… ?

Sometimes (a lot today) when I go to discuss.pixls.us (this site) it either won’t load (blank page) or does, but takes a v e r y l o n g time. As in 5+ min.
But once it has loaded it seems to work fine for a bit, then it sometimes bogs down again.
My internet (which is 4G mobile in a rural area) is a bit unreliable, but other sites are working fine.
I’m using Firefox, with AdNauseam (great btw) and trying to go the site from a ‘private’ window (so I’m signed out) doesn’t make any difference.
I often use a VPN, but turning on or off doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Any thoughts?

Seems fine to me here in the UK.

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Right, that’s interesting. I might try using a friends computer, next time it won’t work here. It’s fine right now.

it might be that you hit the moments when we just redeployed with a fix (which happened twice yesterday) the first few requests afterwards will be slow. another option that we have too many concurrent requests and your request is waiting in the queue.

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Hi @darix, both ideas sound possible… I don’t know anything really about this stuff, so I’ll take your word for it!

I encounter slowdowns: usually for the reasons above. I regularly visit at the wrong time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i bumped some limits for application server.

It’s hit or miss with me. Sometimes the pixls.us site is markedly slower than any other website that I’m accessing at the same time in another tab (Firefox - latest build running on Linux/Manjaro).

Other times, it’s not so bad. But yeah, it typically runs slower in download/upload than most other sites I’m interacting with. Not a killer, but certainly noticeable.

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I’ve experienced the same in the last couple days, both times on mobile.

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Thanks all. It sounds like it’s not just my end anyway :grinning: It’s not usually a problem, although it seemed particularly bad yesterday. Fine now.

On a related note, has anyone known mobile service providers to throttle downloads, but not normal browsing or streaming? I always struggled with excessively slow download speeds which start out ok.
For example, downloading a raw file might start out at ~500kb/s (yes, slow, but ok for rural Aus) but it quickly slows to about 10-15kb/s.
This was a big pain until I tried using a VPN, and voila, the speed is fairly constant! I don’t know whether the VPN can affect anything else, or whether it’s simply down to hiding my stuff from the provider.

Perhaps your VPN enjoys that super-deluxe international “Five-Eyes” intelligence alliance treatment? … you know, so they can monitor your feed instantly and not have to wait to see what you’re up to :wink:

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The worst is when I am composing a long/poignant[1] opening or regular post, things go awry and nothing saves. In that case, copying to an offline document is a lifesaver, but then my ancient laptop may also fail me…

[1] which is why I don’t do much of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also experience slow / no loading quite often during the last weeks on Android with Firefox Nightly build. An app quit or sometimes a phone reboot will typically solve the problem.
More strange: a login with GitHub is no longer working on my Windows 10 Firefox 105 installation. Any ideas?

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