Discussion request about the name of the project

I would like to discuss with the current dev team, the topic of the project’s name which I know is controversial but I have a different take for it. I also dont want to post it randomly on a seemingly unrelated forum. I know they say its an “official forum” but there are 2 of those so its very confusing how to get in touch with them.

Hey @MichaelTunnell welcome to the forums. I remember you from way back when you were more involved with Jupiter Broadcasting.

It seems, at least as far as the team is concerned, its a settled matter: GIMP - Frequently Asked Questions

Though we are always open to hearing new ideas. @Jehan is also here, he is one of the main maintainers.

Also not sure what is wrong with the name GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a bit long but otherwise a pretty normal name.

Thanks for the welcome. Whoa! That was a while ago and remembering me from that is impressive since 90% of the time I was there I didnt go by my name. lol You should check out my current stuff at thisweekinlinux.com and destinationlinux.net . . . to be clear I was not here to promote but since you knew about that stuff it seems only natural I let you know about this stuff. :smiley:

I am aware of this answered FAQ and while I understand there is very little chance for a discussion on this topic to change the minds of the dev team. I feel it would be irresponsible for me to not attempt to have the discussion with the current team. I have been following this project since it started and I have discussed this with multiple iterations of the team but it has been a very long time and I don’t think any of the current members were involved at the time of the last discussion so I wanted to do my due diligence on the subject.

lol cheeky

I am curious now. ok people got problems with the gimp name. IIRC there is now even a fork to clean up that name thing. but that aside… we have krita and others as opensource alternatives as well.

so i dont get why people push for the name change there is no lack of alternatives.

That for is pretty dead, isn’t it? Lots of people hyped it up, but at the end of the day, someone has to do the work. Last I heard it was one person, and their employer didn’t like it.

I did not really follow that one. I just remember the discussion from back then.

The best place to discuss this is the GIMP IRC chat channel.
But be aware that the team knows all the problems with the name and decided not to change it.

Come on, you’ve been in the open source community long enough to know that the name GIMP can be problematic in some parts of the world.

Yes it is dead. And that clearly shows, that just changing the name does not help the project to grow.

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Any problem people have with the name is a result of the abuse of the English language.
Gimp is a decorative finish applied to furniture, normally held in place by gimp pins.

you didnt get the joke.

Please do not change its name: I am far too used to it. Personally, over 20 years of keeping it in mind :slight_smile:
For me, It is like GRASS (Geographic Resource Analysis Support System) a GIS software also quite veteran [1].
Back in the day, it was quite commun to adopt these names (acronyms).

Joking aside, I do remember the fork. Their developers where extremely rude towards some of the GIMP folks. As a result, they caused a lot of pain. In the end, producing zero results. They even started proposing to port part of the code from C to Rust (quite an"easy" task indeed to start with: being ironic here, sorry…)

[1] https://grass.osgeo.org/

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I have setup an IRC client for this.

Or it clearly shows that one person working on a project is not sustainable especially when considering all of the mountains of hate comment they received and the occasional death threat didnt help.

That is a very early definition but other definitions are just as old but more importantly the app was specifically named what it was to reference something offensive. It was not an accident.

Now you got me curious … what’s your take on the name?

The GIMP Project is a New-York based modern dance project. Do you object that GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) might be confused with the the dance project? The Gimp Project - Wikipedia

A name is only a name. There is no slur intended with the name GIMP. It is possible that redesigning the logo for the GIMP name to include the full name may benefit people to understand what GIMP means in this instance.

we should register www.thegnuimagemanipulationprogram.org and redirect www.gimp.org to that. I think that could also help.

Only if the email is


and you can not copy/paste it from the website. :sunglasses:


The only other acceptable name would be GINP. GINP Is Not Photoshop.


“Forking” a project due to the name was/is a stupid decision.

In general forking a project without knowing what you are doing is always going to fail.

A name is only a name.

Those of us who were involved with computer networks back in the mid 90’s may remember headlines and brouhaha about the program “Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks” or “SATAN” by Vietse Wenema and Dan Farmer. The program had a command for offended users, it would juggle the characters and change the program’s name to “SANTA”. :santa:

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