Display Calibration Hardware.

At the moment I’m using an old Spyder2Express for my display calibration, in combination with DisplayCal (flatpak version).

However looking at posts on here, and a recent post on the unofficial darktable facebook group, apparantly the coloured filter in the Spyder2Express does degrade over time, resulting in poor calibration results.

So I am curious as to what is recommended nowadays for a colorimter compatible with ArgyllCMS / DisplayCal.

Apparantly the Calibrite Display-Pro-HL replaces the ColorChecker Display Pro, which is a rebranded x-rite colorimiter. Not too expensive either. Welcome to Calibrite

Thoughts / suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Here’s the list of officially supported devices: http://www.argyllcms.com/doc/instruments.html

Maybe @gwgill can say more about the new HL devices.


It looks like the Datacolor Spyder X Pro is supported, so perhaps safer to choose that, rather than a Calibrite device? The Spyder X Pro is cheaper as well.

That’s what I have, works well with DisplayCal on Win11. I don’t have the knowledge to give in depth feedback, but it does what it’s supposed to as far I can tell. :slight_smile:

I would go with CaliBrite. They are the reference for a reason.

Had a look at the DisplayCAL forums, and there shouldn’t be any issues with the SL and HL versions. Seems like the SL is a rebranded Display Pro.

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My CALIBRITE device works fine on Win11 with display cal… and it is the lower version but then with displaycal it can use the same advanced features for the most part as the next model up… some devices are rated for higher brightness found in newer displays if you have or contemplate one of those but I am not sure that is necessary for photo editing at this point anyway…

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Those are very interesting links, thanks for sharing. So it looks like the Calibrite Display SL may be a good choice, as unlike the Spyder X, the Calibrite Display SL supports OLED & Wide Gamut screens. While I don’t have such a monitor yet, at least buying the Calibrite Display SL will be somewhat future proof.

I’m not sure the ability to calibrate 3000 nit displayws with the Display Pro HL or 10,000 nit displays with the Display Plus HL is really needed for photography editing use.

So I’ll probably get the Calibrite Display SL ordered from Amazon! :slight_smile:

As a follow up I recieved my Calibrite Display SL from Amazon today.

And DisplayCAL has detected it without any issues :slight_smile:

What is interesting though, is I had to set the initial monitor R,G,B settings to a different level compared to when I did the same with the old Spyder2 Express. That makes me wonder if it was the degredation of the filter in the Spyder2 which may have been causing a slight colour shift?

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This can change even by using different settings in displaycal… I noted that last night. I was very careful last night and was doing a recalibration… I tried very basic settings. I made a shaper matrix and lut matrix profile and used the calibrite software… in DT all my images had a color cast

My profiles from displaycal seemed to have a color cast despite having a very low delta E and the one I did using the calibrite software looked much better and no cast…

I may revisit but I am happy enough with the calibrite result for now…


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And the Calibrite DisplaySL works on Displaycal on Linux MiMint Debian Edition!


It just went on sale (50% off)…maybe you can return it and rebuy the higher end one for the same price…


Doesn’t seem to be the case in the UK.

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