Displaycal native on Wayland


I just tested Displaycal on Arch/Hyprland and it seems that it is Wayland native. It is actually possible to use it according to my tests, although it sometimes crashes when I try to change a setting. But this can be avoided if you unplug the calibration device while you choose the settings and re-attach it before you begin the calibration/profiling.

As you can see in the screenshot, xlsclients returns nothing.

I have to admit though, that I did not test actually calibrating (creating a profile with calibration curves), the calibration that I did so far was setting the correct brightness and the white point with the help of the monitor buttons, and then I just profiled.

But I guess I should run xlsclients during the calibration/profiling, while the patches are displayed.

Anyway, even if it is using Xwayland, it seems to be usable on Wayland.

Best Anna


Using xwayland is not at all what I’d consider “Wayland native.”

Well it’s definitely not using xwayland.
I also tested on kde plasma wayland and it’s never xwayland, and there are no crashes either.
But I think loading calibration curves doesn’t work.

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I installed fedora 40 KDE (new plasma) beta in a VM to try loading a color profile and it also gave me an error. I need to figure out how to enable X11 on F40 KDE.

It is not, but argyllcms is. See this excellent post on github for more insight. Also the next post by the same user. I linked it elsewhere here on pixls but its almost impossible to find anything reliable thanks to lots of “opinion posts” half-baked advice and people trying to bump their post counter to new heights without adding to the discussion.

I’m in the same boat. As of now it seems like loading and applying color profiles under wayland works but its by no means reliable or “complete” in any way. Darktable can detect an installed display profile for example but what you see in darktable might not match what you see in other applications. It’s all a big mess for now with people testing stuff and trying to find workarounds.

Here is what I ran into recently, using darktable in conjunction with gnome/wayland and a profile created with DisplayCAL in windows.

If you read the Wayland release notes, this has been possible for awhile.

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I don’t agree about speed. In KDE Plasma Wayland, apps start significantly faster than in X11. They are there the moment you click on the icon.

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I did not agree with him either on that part. The VM with F40 KDE Wayland feels faster to me (very subjective). I havent spend any more time trying to get color profile to load. I wonder what response (if any) there will be with F40 KDE release next week and no X11.

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So far the only thing I need but could not make work is screen sharing. But it’s supposed to work somehow.

Edit: and I noticed flickering in darktable(xwayland), that’s kinds annoying, but I read that there’s a fix for that too. I noticed flickering in Plasma, but I think not in Hyprland.

But I think I definitely won’t be able to use Wayland on my laptop since calibration curves are necessary in order to fix the blue cast of the screen. Also, I didn’t test dual gpu/optimus.

Edit 2: I think it’s interesting what the Hyprland dev says about the advantages of Wayland:

Flicker is caused by lack of explicit sync being implemented. This will soon change on KDE since it has been merged into KWin. All that’s left now is for the new nvidia driver to come with complete support for it, and flicker should soon be gone.

Then it’s up for the other compositors to implement it. As far as I know explicit sync will be the default in the future since it’s the better method.

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