Distortion correction for compact camera

I thought I would try the latest build of Photoflow (20170225 for Mac) to check out the new features. I was particularly interested in the LensFun distortion correction for my Panasonic TZ100. This camera has been added to the LensFun database recently and on checking in the PhotoFlow package it is included. However when I open a raw file no correction is made. The camera type is picked up in the raw developer (Corr tab) but the lens entry is blank. As this is a fixed lens I was not sure what should show anyway.

I downloaded a Panasonic LX100 raw file and this worked some of the time with the appropriate lens name showing but sometimes the lens entry was blank and the distortion was not corrected.

The LensFun entries for the TZ100 and LX100 look to be equivalent.

Any ideas on what the problem is?

I will look into that. Could you send me a sample RAW file? So far I have not throughly tested files from fixed-lens cameras…


File is in dropbox link below. Rather boring view of my garage door at 9.1mm focal length but it was used for the LensFun correction terms and is very easy to see if there is any distortion correction.

Thanks for helping and for producing great software.

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Hi! I should have fixed the issue with automatic lens corrections for the TZ100 (and actually for all other fixed-lens cameras supported by LensFun).

Could you check the latest DMG package, and confirm if it works for you as well?

Thanks for pointing to this issue!

This works really well now. I think it makes PhotoFlow a good option for compact cameras which tend to have a lot of distortion particularly at the wide end of the zoom lens.

Thanks for all your help.