DJI Air 2S Raw image processing

I have recently jumped into the world of drone photography with a DJI Air 2S. I am really pleased with the quality of photographs and video. In Rawtherapee I am trying to create a DNG image processing workflow.
The first issue I am addressing is the very significant vignetting on the raw images. My first thought was to use a flat field image but I don’t have the necessary piece of white translucent plastic to do that. Instead I took several images of through a white sheet of paper stuck on a window and then using GIMP composited them and blurred the result to produce what looked like a reasonable flat field image. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that Rawtherapee requires a raw flat field image so I couldn’t use my GIMP derived image directly. But all was not lost as I was able to load my flat field image into Rawtherapee and apply a Vignetting Correction of:
Amount: 83
Radius: 29
Strength: 8
which gave me a uniform image ( +/- 2 ). Using those values on real images seems to give acceptable results.

I would be interested in the experiences and techniques used by other people to process raw Air 2S images. If you have a Rawtherapee profile or other information you could share so much the better.


Hi & welcome! You can upload a raw image here and people will edit it for you and post the sidecar file.

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Would be interesting to see if the DNG happens to have a GainMap… But given my history with DJI DNG metadata, that would be expecting too much from them.

At least they seem to get ColorMatrix right nowadays?

paperdigits, thanks for the suggestion.

I have uploaded a DNG file and the sidecar I have used to process it.
DJI_0033.DNG (38.4 MB)
DJI_0033.DNG.pp3 (12.5 KB)

My results are less saturated than the DJI jpg and have better definition in the sky.
Thanks for any ideas on enhancing this image.

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