DJI Mavic 3 lens not being recognized in Darktable

I posted this on Reddit last week and someone directed me to post it here. Attached is a DNG.

A little while ago worked with the Lens calibration people to create a lens profile for the DJI Mavic 3. When I use the lens profile with Affinity photo (imported the lensfun DB in), Affinity recognizes the Mavic 3 lens on DNG photos when I go to the develop workspace. When working in DarkTable, have also imported the lensfun DB in. Darktable for DNG images in the media info is correctly showing it as the below, but “lens” is empty. When try to do a “lens correction” it says “camera/lens” not found. Maker: Hasselblad
Model: L2D-20c
DJI_0438.DNG (41.3 MB)

You need to update you lensfun database. There have been several similar topics on the forum on how to do that, please use the search function.

P.S. You didn’t mention your OS, but it might be a bit tricky (but not impossible) to do on Windows.

Seems like you’re using Mac or windows, which means affinity has its own lensfun db and so does darktable. Did you put your profile in darktable’s lensfun db?

Got at least the lens correction to work. I updated the camera and lens from the developer version at Lensfun. Make sure your lensdatabase version=“1” and not version 2 in the file actioncams.xml

Different OS and software, different places to find the database

I am missing the Lensfun path for darktable in OS X. If you use Affinity I would like to know the path for that too.

The files not loading is a known DJI issue, seems to be fixed in their latest firmware.

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I’ve gone ahead and in the database changed it from lensdatabase version=“2” to lensdatabase version=“1”.

That made it so now it shows some of the lens info, I had a firmware update for the photos I took today which I didn’t do, so maybe that will fix the last portion?

I use windows, so I don’t know about for OS X, but for affinity, the windows path is

Photo below shows how to open it from Affinity.

This doesn’t work. As I said, the update process on Windows is not trivial. Search the forum for lensfun on Windows related posts and tool by @ggbutcher

Path to Lensfun in darktable (Windows)
C:\Program Files\darktable\share\lensfun\version_1

Could you upload the xml file from that folder here?

I wrote a library to allow my hack raw processor to update the lensfun database, and wrote a tiny command-line test program to shake it out. It’s that test program @kmilos is referring to, and a Windows executable can be found here:

You have to copy the .exe to a place where your PATH environment variable can find it. You have to run a command-line shell to run it. You have to run it in the directory in which you want the database to reside, so you need to know where your raw processor wants to find it.

I really intend for the code to be used in a raw processing program, so it can be accessed with menu selections, etc. But the little command line program can be useful…