DNG in Raw Therapee

Hi, when I open a DNG file (out of PureRaw 3) the picture gets a ugly green tint. Using the same DNG file in ART and LR…perfect, no color shifts.
Any idea how to handle this problem in RT?
Thanks in advance

Share a DNG file. For example via Google drive.

…the two pictures:

additional information: RT 5.9; Win10; Art 1.21; LR 6.14

Are you able to open that link yourself if you are not logged in? I failed.

…please try again…

Google still wants me to login. And when I do, I get to my own drive.

…sorry…my first touch with google drive… :see_no_evil:

Green here too and no difference with PureRAW 1. I think ART is using Libraw. RawTherapee doesn’t.
It looks like the wrong black level, but the file shouldn’t have one.

Hmm, my understanding is that Libraw is for decoding Raw files (?)
But nevertheless it seems to be a general system topic of RT which can not be changed with a one click.

Any other idea is very welcome…
Otherwise I had to change my workflow for DNGs…

Your ARW file has black level 512. Your DNG file 0 (or actually I coundn’t find any black level tag at all. If I in darktable change black level from 0 to 512 I get the same green cast.
In camcast.json for RawTherapee it reads black level from the list.

darktable dng with black level 0 vs black level 512

I think the reason for your green picture is that PureRAW doesn’t create a black level tag at all. RawTherapee is searching for the black level tag in the DNG file, but when it can’t find it RawTherapee goes for 512 in the list instead.

With your DNG file, in Exiftool, add a black level tag and choose 0.

exiftool '-BlackLevel=0 0 0 0' DSC08827-ARW_dp.dng

…seems that my problem can be solved by myself :grinning:
I will check “exiftool” tomorrow if I am able to handle the described changes in the DNG file.

Thank you very much for your help!!

You can create an issue here Issues · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Add the two files and point to my post.
Make sure you also write exactly which version of RawTherapee you have.

I saw that you use Windows, so the command in Exiftool should be exiftool.exe '-BlackLevel=0 0 0 0' DSC08827-ARW_dp.dng

Anyone else who know if wildcards work the same in Windows as they do in Linux? You can try to write *.dng instead of the file name to let exiftool change all your dng files in the folder.

They don’t, unfortunately. Luckily, exiftool (being written in Perl) does its own expanding so it’ll work out anyway!

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FWIW There is a branch of RT that uses libRaw. I build it and now can successfully open raw files from Sony A7iv. Release build of RT cannot do it.

To get the branch:

git clone GitHub - Lawrence37/RawTherapee: A powerful cross-platform raw photo processing program
git switch libraw-copylib

and then build as usual.

Many thanks to @Lawrence37 for creating the branch and @agriggio for enabling libRaw in ART.

Hi, I found a solution by working with exiftoolgui…see screen shot.
using the asterix instead of the file name handles all dng files in the selected directory…
The handling with exiftoolgui seems to be easier for non software artist like me :grinning:
link: ExifToolGUI


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