DNG Right click "open with" RT 5.8 in Nemo on Linux Mint doesnt open the complete GUI

Hi This could be intended behavior and if it is then I would ask how I get the full GUI with especially the left menu with file browser, preferences etc. I have 2 screenshots from RT 5.8 to show the left menu when DNG is opened from inside RT and the missing left menu when RT is opened from the DNG itself with a right click.
Kind regards MortenRightClickOpenwith normal open rawtherapee

Maybe you read the documentation at RawPedia and then you add -R to the command string …

Oh dear this is one of those questions which has been asked before a few times I guess (I did search the forum first and asked Google but…no luck). Thank for the Remote -R suggestion and yes that is the behaviour (read the manual :slight_smile:)) I would like but I have no clue on how to add the -R option to the GUI RT - options like that are normally for the CLI isn’t it. Kind regards Mint

And how does Nemo call RawTherapee when you right click? Exactly there you have to add the -R. Unfortunately I don’t know what Nemo is (besides a Jules Verne character), so I can’t help you here.

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I think Nemo uses the system .desktop files. You can make a local version and edit the command is launches. I thinks this should be distro-agnostic enough to work.

Thank you for the replies… Yes Nemo and Jules are friends in the sea but in Linux its Mint and Nemo as in Windows and Explorer. I will look up command line use in Nemo. This link talks about it being in .actions. Perhaps Nautilus :slight_smile: is using the .desktop (I dunno). https://www.pcsteps.com/4434-add-right-click-commands-linux-mint-ubuntu/#How_to_add_right-click_commands_inLinux_Mint
Thanks again for taking the time. Kind regards Mint

Hi I think Felipe is right as .actions is apparently not about changing how a right click is working but how to make a new entry=action in the right click menu. Will have to try and use .desktop and see what gives.

Hi - Nope this is over my head. My linux and command line knowledge is not good enough to fix it. But why doesnt RT just open up in ful GUI all the time - with a toggles for individual menus? For now I will just open from within RT.
Thank you for answering and trying to help new users like me.