DNG strangely overexposed


I have a DNG that when opened in RT shows very bright colors:
I am using the neutral profile and every settings is set on the default value.

The DNG is a photo of a physical negative (film) so it should be negative, here it seems to be a positive as if some data was embeded on the DNG from previous developments (lightroom)

The same file opened with Darktable is fine :

The DNG can be downloaded here :
Scan-150830-0025.dng (44.7 MB)

How can I get my file to be correctly exposed in RawTherapee ?


Oh !

I think I just found the solution.
I had to reduce the ‘White point correction


Now the image is fine, but the preview is grey :

Is there a way to fix the previews ?


I guess you should set the correct input profile

Hi @Palette I am unsure why the white point is completely off, but have a suspicion. The metadata of the DNG shows it is processed by VueScan but taken with a Canon EOS 350D. Can you say something about your workflow?
My hunch is that VueScan does something with the raw data that RawTherapee does not expect.