Documentation for the base curve module from darktable 2.3 (links updated)



if I remember right, harry durgin talks in one of his videos about the settings of the base curve module from darktable version 2.3. - does somebody know, in which video?



And/or these ones?




Addendum: with joy I have noted that the links I gave above are popular.
Unfortunately, seems depressed (= down) these days. ping @harry_durgin

However, you will be able to find many of Harry’s tutorials here

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(Andreas Schneider) #6

Don’t use the basecurve tool. Create a camera profile instead! A tutorial for that will be available on soon.

(Peter) #7

Is “camera profile” already implemented in DT? Basecurve has preset “Panasonic like” but I guess it was created for particular model and when I apply it to my GX7 photos first thing I notice is that photos need circa +0,3EV exposure as they are dark. If I can make such a profile for GX7 please let me know, I’ll try to create one and send it to developers.
edit: in links above there is video by @harry_durgin with tutorial how to create “basic curve” profiles for each ISO setting. Unfortunately, it’s done on linux so I can only provide samples to create profiles.