Does DcamProf work with the "ColorChecker Passport Photo 2" color chart?

I’m sure it’s great software. But I’m just not up to paying another $110 US for software to go with a $120 US color chart. I will, however, keep it in mind if I become desperate to get my colors straightened out. I’m hoping that the Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2, with its software will do the job. If it doesn’t, then I will definitely let everyone know about that.

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This is exactly why I am willing to pay $120 or $200 US for their color chart. Lots of people say that you can just make your own chart. But then there will be all kinds of other problems:

  • Glare
  • All the work necessary to get the the profile generating software calibrated to that particular print of that particular chart.
  • Keeping that home-printed chart from just wearing the F out as I use it all the time. (The ColorChecker Passport is safe in a plastic case, and was designed for years of consistent use.

The classic ColorChecker 24 is just too darn big to be hauling around in my camera bag. And, it doesn’t really have anything to keep it from being damaged. It is more for studio use.


Who said that?

Anders does in his dcamprof documentation. However, you need a spectrophotometer to read the patch spectra; the Calibrite i1Studio will do it for $549US. Actually, as such instruments go that’s not a bad price and it’s got a specific patch-read mode. I kick myself for not buying one when X-Rite sold them for about $80US, have had numerous need to read patch colors for paint-matching and such, in addition to the camera profiling thing…

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I’d get the Calibrite version and use it with dcamprof data. Poking around to participate in this thread, I have developed enough confidence in what they’re selling to use it with the X-Rite data.

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Agree with you Glenn. I have seen no evidence that the product changed in any way after the Calibrite rebrand, and X-Rite kept their patch colors for the main 24-patch charts HIGHLY standardized such that the only thing that differs between the 24-patch products (other than one well-documented manufacturing change quite a while ago) is the physical layout of the patches (and even that is minimal).

Note that the chart definition dcamprof bundles for the Passport includes the patches on the other side of the device. If you want to calibrate against just the 24-patch side, you need to use the non-Passport chart definition. (I forget the exact file name and won’t be able to pull it up until tonight, if I even remember to do so when I get home.)

The Passport Photo 2 works great with dcamprof, and WILL generate DCP profiles - I can tell you without a doubt that the bundled profiles in RawTherapee for the Sony A6300, Sony A6500, and Sony A7M4 were all generated using a Passport Photo 2, because I’m the one that generated them.