Does Natron support RED RAW FOOTAGE? read node error: invalid data found when processing input


(Marek Marek) #1

We’ve shot a short film in 4K Raw with Red Dragon. When I read it in Nuke, or import in Adobe Premiere there is a lot of info there that I can change (… ISO, kelvin, tint. gamma space,…) tons of info.
But when I read it in Natron, I can’t even see the footage, it’s black and I get the error “invalid data found when processing input” for the very same footage I have read in Nuke and Adobe Premiere.
Is it a matter of lack of support for RED RAW footage?

Black Magic Raw footage (Ursa, dng files), is read ok in Natron, but I do not see any info to tweak (as you would do for a Raw footage)

Am I doing something wrong? or is Natron not yet into Raw files (no Red, treats BlackMagic dngs as none Raw)?

(Frédéric Devernay) #2

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The Foundry and Adobe probably have an agreement with Red, but as long as ffmpeg cannot read version 4 R3D, Natron won’t be able to read it.