Does Natron support RED RAW FOOTAGE? read node error: invalid data found when processing input

We’ve shot a short film in 4K Raw with Red Dragon. When I read it in Nuke, or import in Adobe Premiere there is a lot of info there that I can change (… ISO, kelvin, tint. gamma space,…) tons of info.
But when I read it in Natron, I can’t even see the footage, it’s black and I get the error “invalid data found when processing input” for the very same footage I have read in Nuke and Adobe Premiere.
Is it a matter of lack of support for RED RAW footage?

Black Magic Raw footage (Ursa, dng files), is read ok in Natron, but I do not see any info to tweak (as you would do for a Raw footage)

Am I doing something wrong? or is Natron not yet into Raw files (no Red, treats BlackMagic dngs as none Raw)?

see red - How to work with R3D and RMD files? FFMPEG? - Video Production Stack Exchange and #2690 (Red Cinema r3d files not supported) – FFmpeg
The Foundry and Adobe probably have an agreement with Red, but as long as ffmpeg cannot read version 4 R3D, Natron won’t be able to read it.

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Like @devernay said, ffmpeg can’t read R3D raw, however, if you need Natron in your workflow, you can adjust your raw settings with REDCINE-X PRO (available over here), and from there, kick out Apple ProRes, Avid DNX, or even an image sequence of your choice. Just depends on your workflow preferences, project requirements, or end goals. Cheers!