Does Raw Therapee Open Apple Photos?

So, my RAW photos - DSLR pics of film negatives, have been exported to Apple Photos from the Camera, now I want to open in Raw Therapee to invert and adjust.
I can see my Pictures files, but I can’t find photos in my Photos. Does RT open Photos, or do I have to export from Photos to Pictures?



I don’t understand what you mean. ‘Pictures’ and ‘Photos’ are these folders, or apps?
Where on your hard drive are the photographs stored? Can you find them in your file browser? What file format do they have?

Maybe I lack knowledge of Apple products to really help you.
Hi DI, and welcome,

What is “Photos”? Would that be some sort of Apple Cloud?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

“Photos” is Apple’s photo management app. Some third party programs access it directly. I guess Raw Therapee doesn’t.

No RawTherapee does not access Photos.

RawTherapee accesses the file system. This will probably be annoying, since Photos stores images in some weird folder hierarchy, last I had seen.

Thanks for the clarification - I will export from Photo to Pictures.