Does Raw Therapee Support Presets?

Hello Everyone,

I have only started using Raw Therapee, so loads to learn. I was just curious about pre-sets like Light Room? If it does how do you find them?



Hi @Elvis_Browne and welcome!

Please use the forum search utility,
search for

rawtherapee preset

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Yes, we call them “profiles”. A few general use ones are bundled with the software, but it’s easy to make them yourself. You can load and save them here:

More info: Sidecar Files - Processing Profiles - RawPedia

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In addition to profiles, RawTherapee also uses ‘Film Simulations’ Film Simulation - RawPedia
If you scroll down towards the bottom there is a packaged download.

I personally use Stuart Sowerby’s Fuji film sims very often Fuji Film Simulation Profiles – Stuart Sowerby and created a profile that very closely matches the out of camera images from my X-T20 when combined with the film sim.
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