Does Rawtherapee support .ORF files from OM1?

Does RT support .ORF files from OM1?

I get a pile of ORF dark frames when opening the file location in RT File Browser…

RT: Version 5.9 for Mac
MacOS: Monterey V12.6.6 MB Pro 2015


Hi @dhrugg, welcome to Pixls! RawTherapee 5.9 is not capable of opening OM-1 raw images. Initial support will come in 5.10 which will hopefully arrive in the near future.


Welcome @dhrugg to the forum! The team will be tagging 5.10-ß1 in a matter of days. I’m testing builds of the development on macos, if you would like to try it out, open my icloud drive with this link:

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Thanks @Lawrence37 and @HIRAM …looking forward to the release. Will try out the test version. Thanks!

Rawtherapee supports ORF files. I have been using Rawtherapee with ORF files since 5.8.
Rawtherapee also supports Hi-res files ORI. I have EM-5 Mk2 and have Rawtherapee on Windows 10

Rawtherapee supports ORF files from “Olympus” branded cameras, but not yet from “OM Systems” branded cameras. (i.e., OM1 and OM5).

OK, did not know there was difference
Good to know