Does RT make use of the lens correction data included by Fuji in the EXIF data?

I am just curious to know what RT actually does with the lens correction data (color aberrations. vignetting, etc) that is already included in the EXIF data from Fujifilm X cameras. This is not a request for new features and I have been through some RawPedia articles on lens profiles already. Is it that the Fuji EXIF data is not complete or there is no known way to decode the data, or no one volunteered yet. Or is the same data provided with the Adobe DNG converter database? Many questions :smile: .

I believe the answer is “nothing.”

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My guess would be a mix of “no known way to decode the data” combined with “no one volunteered yet”.

I know for Sony that no one has looked into how to translate the spline data reverse engineered in to one of the distortion models supported by lensfun.

I have been using Fuji for many years coupled with RT and lensfun does an excellent job on lens corrections. I wouldn’t worry…

I noted that RT has corrections for a few lenses like the 18-55 but nothing pops up for other lenses like the 14. I compile from git source on Linux (as a Slackware user there is no pre-compiled package). Maybe I need to install the lensfun database separately. I will look at that tonight.

in doubt you can just follow

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Thanks everyone. I will get the source of lensfun from git, install and then reinstall RT. The official distribution is old now. The only missing thing is the vigneting of the 56R. Anyway I have the instructions on how to make that one.

I would stick to lensfun releases. to update your database you dont need git. just run “lensfun-update-data”

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Thanks darix. I make a note and I will use lensfun-update-data in the future. As for today I cloned the git and rebuilt. So now I get my lenses recognized in RT :smile: .