Don McCullin photographer on BBC 4


Anybody else see this really interesting program on Don McCullin?
Well worth catching on BBC iPlayer if you can.

Don McCullin: Looking for England
9pm, BBC Four

Famous for his war-zone photojournalism, at 83 years old Don McCullin says: “I want to see how England has evolved in the 60 years of my photographic life.” So he loads up his trusty Mamiya and sets off to compare the country of today with a stunning catalogue of images from the past.

(Mica) #2

Looks interesting, thanks for sharing.

(keith) #3

Thanks for that @bminney
I remember in the Sixties it was all Bailey, Donovan and Duffy.
Every young man wanted to be Bailey :sunglasses:
Then at college, the librarian would often bring in the the Sunday Times Magazine which often featured McCullins war photos which were both horrific and stunning.
Whenever interviewed he always seemed to have a sadness and quietness about himself.
Look forward to watching.