Donation to PIXLS.US - need paypal name

Trying to send small donation to PIXLS.US via Paypal.
Its not showing up PIXLS.US name in send box.
What is the Paypal name to be used for PIXLS.US donation?
Screenshot 2022-12-26 19:31:46

The donate button on the upper right of the PIXLS.US menu bar will take you to a donate page that works with paypal.

Thanks @Marcsitkin for your reply. Yes, I did try using that but ran into some issues which are probably related to how my bank handles Paypal payments. Hence tried to search for a payment ID directly in paypal where I couldn’t find it. I will check with my bank and resolve this.

I changed the category to #meta:help and will ping @patdavid.

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I could use the Donate button on the Menu Bar successfully… Tx

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