don't want to use bias frames in Siril

Hi there, I’m new to Siril and I am wondering if a script could be used or a change could be made so I don’t have to add bias frames in my auto processing? I use a zwo 294oc camera that doesn’t need bias frames. Only lights darks and flats. I tried just deleting the oc processing script ‘bias’ part but it didn’t work Can someone do a new script where the option for bias frames not to be needed be done?

Hello, you will need to replace the reference to the master bias by the synthetic bias value as explained here: Siril - Synthetic biases
You can modify the official script to do that by 1/ removing the master bias creation section and 2/ changing the reference to it in calibration to a value, like -bias="=64*$OFFSET".

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Okay thanks, I will have another read of that and let it sink in a bit.

okay read over the synthetic bias again. So you still need to do bias frames initially? As I don’t do bias frames at all, as stated don’t need them so I have not done them. Anyone able to do a custom script like there has been done for leaving out flats, darks etc regarding leaving out bias frames all together? ATM I am getting around this by stacking in deep sky stacker then moving the finished tiff to siril but I would rather keep the work flow in one program.

I think this sentence is the problem. Why doesn’t it need bias frames? If you want to calibrate your images with flats, you need bias frames, as explained in the tutorial.
Anyway, you can change the script to remove the need for bias of course, as I previously said, remove the master bias creation from it and remove the -bias= option in calibration.

With ASI294MC it is preferable to use DarkFlat instead of bias. Replace the bias creation code to make DarkFlat and use its result in flat calibration.

Here we don’t think this is very useful.

Take a look: Siril - Enough with dark flats

To use those files with siril scripts, put them as bias, that’s what they are used for, flat calibration.

This. My camera’s are all color camera’s and I use DarkFlats there where Bias is asked. Works just fine :slight_smile: