Download dev build of 2.5.2 for macOS

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

Download a development build of 2.5.2 for macOS, and leave feedback describing whether/how it runs!


Diagnosing and resolving certain mac errors with the application bundle. Here is an updated test, seems to work ok in MacOS 10.12, but still ran into issues running on a 10.11 clean machine. This is the latest bleeding-edge master branch, from what I understand there are some speed-ups to the code already incorporated and more speed-ups on the way thanks to the kind developers over at RawTherapee.


Link to my first working bundle of the boost-compute branch with some OpenCL operations. Thx to @fcomida who has some accelerations in the works. Also thx @clanmills for the feedback and testing.

Here it is showing a big spike in GPU activity during the Drago tone mapping operation, using the XRG 2.5 resource monitor:

(Robin Mills) #5

All fans of Luminance on Mac, please say “Thanks, @HIRAM” for outstanding work to get this build.