Download only Protected images?

Is it possible to download only images protected (tagged) in camera?

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Could you please explain what you mean with “protected in the camera”?
I do not understand.

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So I can write protect an image in camera, and it write protects the image on the card. I use it to tag images I want to work with later. I would like to be able to download only those images that are write protected.

What camera?

I use Fuji XT3’s, and Canon 1dx’s
But protecting an image in camera is a common feature on all DSLR’s across brands.

I don’t see anything in the docs:

Can you please do the research and confirm that all camera brands implement protected images by marking files read only?

Can you check to see if it is part of the DCIM standard? Even though not all camera manufacturers follow the DCIM standard to the letter (here’s looking at you Sony), knowing it was a DCIM standard would be a big help.

Finally, can you check to see what other programs aimed at professionals do, e.g. Downloader Pro, Photo Mechanic. They should all have manuals online.

Finally, do some smartphones also implement protected images? I have no idea.

I can’t say “All”, but I know Canon, Fuji and Nikon use the Read Only attribute.

It is part of DCIM:

Under section Object File attributes
“The Read Only attribute of the FAT (FAT12, FAT 16, Fat32, exFAT) file systems may be set for each file as Protection of individual objects, to prevent accidental deletion. …”.

Photomechanic absolutely recognizes Read Only images and gives the option to only import them, I have used it for years. I have also written DOS batch scripts that only copy the Write Protected images.

I do not know of any smart phones that have implemented it, but it would be a function of the Camera or Gallery software anyway.

I should say I am also using Read Only and Write protected interchangeably, and I probably should not. It is a Read Only attribute.

If you can please look into it further, I would appreciate it. I don’t want to implement something that talks about “protected images” only for it not to work for one third or one half of users. If I cannot implement it with confidence, then I will not implement it.

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