Downloaded files marked as new

Using version 0.9.13

Anyone else having issues with downloaded files being marked as new the second/third time the card is inserted?

I don’t always format my sdcards after each download session. The size of the cards mean I can easily keep duplicates on the card for a while. I do this as a pseudo backup giving me time to change my mind about hard culled files and time to find mistakes.

So the second time I insert the card and start Rapid photo downloader seemingly random files from past sessions are marked as new. Usually it’s just one or two per session. Every time I’ve checked the files had been copied to hard drive and renamed.

my rename is the following
<Image date (YYMMDD)>-<Image date (HHMMSS)>_<Hyphenated short camera model (Original Case)>
I use that one because i use two cameras and prefer to have the files sorted in chronological order in the file manager and on websites.

Files are compared by name, size, and modification time. If any one of those differs, then the file will be marked as new.

You can see the code here: ~dlynch3/rapid/zeromq_pyqt : contents of raphodo/ at revision 1284

So to diagnose the problem, what you can do is this:

  1. Install a tool to inspect the sqlite3 database file Rapid Photo Downloader uses to record previously downloaded files, e.g. Downloads - DB Browser for SQLite
  2. Examine the previously downloaded files by opening the database, located at ~/.local/share/rapid-photo-downloader/downloaded_files.sqlite
  3. Carefully compare the results in step 2 compared to what you see on the file system
  4. Remember just one thing has to have changed for the file to be considered new (name, size, or modification time).
  5. Keep in mind that the date / time is represented in the database as a floating point value (a timestamp), which is a Unix representation of date and time.

Thanks, I’ll have a look next time the issue occurs and report back.