Downloading Raw Therapee

(Jessica) #1

I used the downloads page to download the Windows 10 option and it downloaded a zip file. What folder am I supposed to put this zip file or did I even download it correctly? I can’t find any information on getting this downloaded other than going to the downloads page. Is there something else I’m supposed to be doing or somewhere else I’m supposed to get the download.

(Mica) #2

Unzip it and run the included .exe file.

(Jessica) #3

i didnt get an exe file


Really? I downloaded it right now and there’s:

  • AboutThisBuild.txt
  • changelog-5.4.txt
  • RawTherapee_5.4_WinVista_64.exe

in the zip.


@Healthnutblogging Welcome to the forum! Have you tried opening up the zip file? Treat it like a folder. Open it and then open the exe file inside. No need to copy it elsewhere because it is an installer. Hope this helps.

(Jessica) #6

I unzipped it but theres no exe file

(Mica) #7

Perhaps your download is incomplete? Can you try and download again?