DPReview article about Filmulator



Ah yes… The “I rewrote a reddit post and its my article” type of article… They couldn’t have at least figured out @CarVac’s name?

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I preferred the diyphotography article…


I’m fine with the anonymity, I just wish they had tried it themselves before writing their piece.


Basicly responding to the HN listing, but this seems as good a place as any:

Output settings… I’ll probably replace the Save TIFF button with a Save As button that lets you select what and where to save. Not sure when I’ll get to that, I have some other things I want to prioritize

I hope you keep the single-click-save-tiff available somewhere :), having to do ‘save as’ for every picture is a pita.
Or is there a ‘save whole queue as tiff’ option I’ve been missing?

… although apparently “a new option has just appeared online” now means “a new option I just found out about”.


That’s going to be the Output tab… eventually.

You primarily use TIFF? I was expecting that most people would just use JPEGs for most output.

Filmulator is in the middle of my workflow… There is some editing after or at least resizing, output sharpening, grain.

Only at the end it goes to jpg… And with a jpeg encoder that targets a certain butteraugli distance… :slight_smile:


DP did bring it to my newsfeed which brought me to the reddit, the website, and @CarVac’s youtube channel. So it is not completely without merit?

We can both appreciate what they’ve done and wish that they’d had done better.

But regardless, we’re definitely glad to have you here.

I’d say there is quite a bit of merit. Did you try it? Perhaps it isn’t a tool that’ll scratch your itch and that’s OK.

I think they’re talking about merit of the article, not merit of Filmulator.

The intent of the comment could be more clear :wink:

As @carvac pointed out, I was referring to the merit of the article, not the software. I am liking it so far. I am kicking tires a bit before I RTFM.

FYI: You don’t have to dive all the way into the manual for some guidance; if you hover over the name of a tool a tooltip will explain in moderate detail.

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It gets worse as you get to know me. Clarity is not my specialty. I am verbose and I am not always sure where I am going when I start a sentence.