Dragging Cropped Area

(Bob Snelgrove) #1

When I crop an area, I can’t move the cropping selection, only the original picture?



(Ingo Weyrich) #2

The crop tool has a tooltip :wink:



That information is not on the portuguese translated version (i’m using dev 351)

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

That translation needs to be re-done from scratch, as it is 7 years behind development. You can help.


Yes I can help.

But will make Portuguese (Portugal) not Portuguese from Brasil.

I think one should be enough for both countries, but of course with the correct Portuguese (sorry Brazil !! :stuck_out_tongue: ) I checked the Brazilian translation and it’s almost the same, because this is in almost all cases direct and technical translation. It’s not a dissertation or a book.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

Great! Please remember to either start from scratch, or to double-check the existing translation, as many of the already-translated strings have changed in default so need to be updated in Portuguese.


Is there a way to test in my instaled windows version a custom revision of file, just to check how it adapts the translation?

P.S. Maybe this last posts need to be moved to another topic or new?!

(Morgan Hardwood) #8

Sure, just copy “default” to “Portuguese”, start RT, set it to use Portuguese, then restart it to test your latest edits.