Dragging items in DigiKam has stopped working (DK 8.0)

Recent upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04
DigiKam Appmage digiKam-8.0.0-x86-64
Following either the upgrade to 23.04 or Dk 8.0 I have found that dragging items in DigiKam no longer works. Previously, after finishing a session of tagging, I could drag jpg files from the WIP folder to the final album. This no longer works but I can use the right-click “Move to Album” option so no big deal. I have now found that I have a similar problem with tags. I can no longer manage the tag hierarchy. I can’t drag a tag to be beneath another and I can’t find another way to do this.

When I try to drag tags it displays a small luggage tag icon and a “no” icon of a circle with a diagonal line through it. When trying to drag image files it displays the “no” icon next to the mouse cursor.

Is there another way to manage the tag hierarchy?

I have now found that I can’t drag images onto the map to set the geolocation.

I have a work round for that though. I can copy co-ordinates from the map and paste them to the image.

I have the same problem after an upgrade. Nothing involving drag / drop is working at all.

Interestingly, I have been using X because Wayland is not stable enough for daily use for me. But I rebooted in a Wayland session and drag / drop in Digikam works. Usually struggles are the other way around!

I have tried both X and Wayland (default) and i cant drag/drop in either. :frowning:

Some of it works on Wayland, but attempting to create a folder leads to an instant crash. I removed the version in Univese and installed Snap, using
sudo snap install digikam --edge
and it still does not allow moving of folders or file, so whatever is broken, it is broken well and good. This is one of the most important parts of my workflow, so I will have to figure it out. All my picture data is managed through Digikam.

Snap permissions issue? I vaguely recall having issues with my wife’s Kubuntu PC, might have switched to the appimage. She doesn’t use it digiKam much so I’m not sure if I upgraded to 8.0 or not. For what it’s worth, digiKam 8.0.0 is working fine on my main desktop, but that’s under Tumbleweed (and OBS builds) instead of a *buntu.

Has anyone a method to move tags in the hierarchy that does not involve dragging? I have workrounds for most drag and drop functions that aren’t working except for working with the tag hierarchy.

I have a similar yet different issue after an update to Ubuntu 23.04: the right click is not working properly. in the album panel (on the left of the screen), it opens the context menu, but the click seems to be off since some relevant options are not offered. In the captions panel (on the right), the context menu does not open at all. The issue happens only with Wayland, I now use Xorg as a workaround.

All dragging and dropping is currently working - geo-location, tags, moving images between albums, etc.

loginctl show-session 1 -p Type

Gives me :-


It might be that previous attempts to test with both x and Wayland were not done properly. I don’t know enough about the differences to know if I am now creating other problems for myself but so far