Dream bigger. Creative Cloud. (Exorbitant Prices.)


Looks like we are going to have an influx of new members.

I remember the time when, as a student, I could get away with $110 CAD for any software package that I could use perpetually. Now, it is likely to be 4-5x as much per student for 1 year, judging how much more everything costs outside of the US. See: https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/plans.html.

(darix) #2

Yeah already have some “fun” discussions with people about it. A few have this “well then I will pirate again” reaction. Enjoyable to see how photographers jump on violating licenses/copyright.

(Chuck Fry) #3

I walked away from Ad*be when they moved Lightroom to the subscription model. Raw Therapee and/or Darktable are my future.


On the other side, they’ll probably pick the next big thing which is Affinity suites. The price alone isn’t going to bring that much new members when they’ll just pick Affinity route instead.

(Boris Hajdukovic) #5

This is best time to promote free/open source software as alternative!

(Pat David) #6

We have been :wink: ! I fully encourage anyone else mentioning things in the wider internets to feel free to point them here!

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(Boris Hajdukovic) #7

I highly recommend that someone who can use pixls.us twitter account refer to pixls.us platform, where you can find free/open source alternative for ALL Adobe products!


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Yep, that is the point of this post and my other Lounge posts: to bring awareness and encourage action.

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Did my part and replied to some people on Reddit about this place and Darktable. I’ve also been posting some YouTube vidoes lately.

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(keith) #10

I pointed many people here from both FUJIX-FORUM and DP, when they have a problem with darktable or RawTherapee.
It’s satisfying to see them post here and then follow their journey.

One argument I always get is when discussing open source.
There’s no such thing as a free lunch, then trying to explain what free means.

Then there is always the ridiculous argument it’s only a Starbucks a week
In some parts of the world, some can only dream of a Starbucks.

(R) #11

Same here, I post my tutorials there weekly. The traffic from there is pretty good (analytics).

People should know that:
GIMP can replace photoshop (90%)
darktable can replace lightroom
Audacity can replace audition
DaVinci Resolve can replace Première Pro (100%) and After Effects (80%)
Inkscape can replace Illustrator

(Gustavo Adolfo) #12

Let’s get into action!
I joined Facebook only to create a group where I expect to gather local residents to do some photo walks and to share photos and edits, like the Play Raws here. I will obviously mention free software all the time.
It’s aimed at cariocas (Rio de Janeiro residents), but you’re welcome to join to play with the raws.
At the right moment (as soon as the first Adobists join), I’ll let people know about pixls. (I hope the group goes beyond me…)



Mine are a little more sporadic than that. Basically “whenever I feel like it” or “when my schedule allows.” Kudos on sticking with an upload schedule!

(R) #14

Thanks man, it’s not always easy. I upload twice a week and sometimes it feels like I’m having two fulltime jobs while it all started as a hobby lol.


There you have it.

(Gord) #16

“Please be aware that should you continue to use the discontinued version(s), you may be at risk of potential claims of infringement by third parties.”

Based only on the language of the letter, and not any knowledge of the affected Adobe products/releases, this sounds a bit like Adobe ran afoul of some intellectual property provisions and is kicking people off the releases where they (Adobe) screwed up.

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(Gustavo Adolfo) #17

“… consumable experiences



That and / or they are threatening to send third parties to sack you when you least expect it, like the Joker killing Batman’s parents in the alleyway. So much for the pearl necklaces (aka your work in proprietary Adobe files and in their cloud, that can only be opened by their deprecated apps).


Consumable experiences are the worst. Try to avoid them like the plague. We should make our own experiences!

(Pat Cunn) #20

I actually make pretty good use of Affinity Photo, and let me tell you, it works well as a pixel editor, but its raw developer is terrible. In all honesty, Rawtherapee and Affinity Photo is a really powerful combination, and there are few ways I am left wanting with this combo. Rawtherapee produces immaculate textured and rendered interpretations of raw data, and if the picture needs local edits, or compositing, then I go to Affinity Photo. 80% of the time, all I need to process a given photo is in Rawtherapee. In fact, I am now encouraging anyone looking for alternatives to Lightroom to try Rawtherapee.