Drivers for AMD/ati graphics cards

I understand that AMD hardware for windows is a complete disaster.
Anyway my r9 280x card has problems with opencl under windows. I’ve already brought it up in various forums.
Once I’ve raised this topic on different forums and people trivially advised me to look through different drivers, experimenting with my system. It did not lead to anything good.
I’m by no means saying that I’ve never had any problems with my hardware under mac os. Metal, opencl was used in davinci resolve and other programs as if it was supposed to be. In a word, not at all. I still had the same r9 280x video card and everything worked perfectly.

Maybe somebody out of hearing or seeing what can be done with this problem? It’s not fair - hardware, designed for pc, works worse under it than under the OS, which is not designed for it.

Well, or someone knows a good forum where they will not advise you to go through different drivers, and will approach the issue wisely.