DT 3.0 lost all editing histories

lost created previously and can’t keep newly created.

Hi and welcome.

You’re going to need to provide way more information than that in order for us to help you.

What OS and what versions of darktable were you using prior to the upgrade?

Do you have a backup database?

Can you launch darktable with the -d all option from the command line and paste the output here?

OS: Windows 7 pro
Current DT version 3.0
DT previously installed: 3.0 rc2
I typed:
darktable -d all
in CMD window, no output showing there. it just start the DT application.
another issues I found is that, in lightable, some photo icons previously loaded are still showing there after loading photos from other folder/location. however, if I double click on the old photo icon, it will change to a photo newly loaded in darkroom.

Are you writing xmp files? You can use those to load your edit history.

Thank you for reply. But, I don’t know what you mean here. the xmp files are generated by DT automatically if I understand correctly. I have never load them by other means other than loading them automatically by DT itself when I lunch the program and opened the photos.

darktable reads from the database by default. XMP files can be used to reload your edit history if, in your case, you’ve lost the edits stored in the database. There is an option to look for updated XMP files on startup.

Also, your old 2.6.x databse was backed up the first time you launched 3.0. Maybe restore that database and try again.

fixed by deleting DT database. Thanks!