dt 3.4: How to edit a path within a path (to create a hole in a mask) ?

I’m finding this strange: if I create an elliptical shape entirely within an elliptical shape I can readily select either shape and modify it. If I do this with a circular shape or a closed path (straight-sided or curved-sided), the only way I can edit the inner shape or path is by moving the outer object or the inner object so that they no longer have any overlap, and then try to return them to their approximately original position after the edit (which position is an approximation when the shape has changed). This makes it difficult to create a precise hole in a mask when one needs to do so.

What am I doing wrong here? Is there not some way of switching the ‘selection’ between the inner and outer shape, other than by hiding the un-selected shape using the mask manager? (Restoring the hidden shape then appears to me to require hiding the un-hidden shape too and then revealing both of them, using the Ctrl key - a bit confusing).

create two paths, like circle inside inside of circle. Go to mask manager -> select the smaller circle and change it to intersection.

Yes, there is a part in the user manual with examples:


I’ve read the manual, yet again, and can understand the section on ‘Set Operators’, but, try as I might, I cannot find the ‘intersection’ (or any other) operator in any part of the mask manager, with any form of clicking and clicking with Ctrl pressed. I can select the small circle (by hiding the larger one), but ‘change it to intersection’ is beyond me. The only options i have are ‘duplicate’, ‘delete’ and ‘cleanup’. Can you give me a clue?

Would this help:

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Yes, thank you - problem effectively solved. But it was only on the basis of comments made in the posts that I was finally able to fully appreciate what is written in the documentation. I know I’m a slow reader, but I have the opinion that this wording (especially on how to find the set operators) could have been a little more ‘task’ oriented.

Feel free to propose some alternate wording to https://github.com/darktable-org/dtdocs

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