DT 4.0.1-1 on debian

True. You wrote:

Then again, you also started a thread about your distro hopping..

Most mainline distros are more or less on a par for users (once you are used to them), and the small ones are often specialised (regionally, or aimed at professional groups, or…). Each distro will have its quirks though, and getting used to those means you get more efficient with them. Changing distro every time a minor problem comes along (like this: a small error in the way a package was build) costs hours to re-install the new distro, and then finding the programs you want to use in their latest version. You lalso ose the benefits of knowing the particularities of the distro. And you’ll run out of distro’s sooner or later…

So moving away from whatever distro had a small, temporary, glitch is “not optimal”.


4.0.1 filtered through to me on Mint today. No troubles no dramas, even before with 4.0.0

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Which brings us back to my original question:

Do you know what are the changes between 4.0.0 and 4.0.1?

Is this just a few bug fixes, any new feature?

Just bug fixes

Thank you. That’s all I was asking about. I didn’t mean to start a metaphysical introspective thread.