DT 4.0.1-1 on debian

I’m using debian 11 bullseye and I get my DT from:


along with the exiv2 and libexiv2.

I still run: darktable_4.0.0-1.1_amd64

I don’t see any announcement of the “upgrade or bug fix” (I don’t know.).

Is it something from the DT team? Is this something from opensuse?


Master broke for Debian and Ubuntu. If you have debian packaging experience please help.

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That’s not good that Master broke for Debain & Ubuntu… Maybe this means it’s time to move away from Debian / Ubuntu based distros if it’s going to be difficult to get darktable installed?

Without knowing why it broke, abandoning an important part of the Linux distros might be a bit premature…

See also this thread about OBS repos


Will the OBS breakage affect the future stable releases of darktable on Ubuntu & debian based distros?

Master broke for one day. I think it is very premature to switch distros on one issue.


So there shouldn’t be an issue for the next stable release of darktable on Debian / Ubuntu based distros?

From darktable GitHub

The master branch comes with no guarantee of stability and might corrupt your database and XMP files, result in loss of data and edit history or temporarily break compatibility with previous versions and commits.

How dangerous is it? Most of the time, it is fairly stable. As with any rolling-release kind of deployment, bugs appear more often but are fixed faster too. Sometimes, though, these bugs can result in losses or inconsistencies in the editing history of your pictures. This is fine if you don’t need to open your edits again in the future, but maybe not if you manage an estate.

and for what is it worth … the fix for the master build is a one line change to debian/darktable.install


I have been using (OBS build) master branch of darktable for almost two years now for my daily work and have very rarely experienced problems both from the master branch itself and from OBS as the builder. And when there were problems, they were not so severe that they prevented the daily use of darktable.

I must say that for me it is amazing how much commitment is invested in stability and smooth functioning already in the developer version.

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Sorry, I don’t have any packaging experience. That’s why I use the OBS repos.

Aren’t most linux users using debian or a debian variation distro? With Ubuntu, MX, Mint, antix, Tails, Neptune and many others.

Maybe, but the two people who maintain the OBS builds use suse or fedora.

Yes. Actually I currently run 4.0.0 on Mint. I don’t understand the crazy panic over this at all.

There is no panic from me (I’m the OP).

I was just asking a simple question: on OBS dt shows v4.0.1 and I was wondering what was the changes between 4.0.0 and 4.0.1.

Then Brian_Innes chimed in that since master (not current) broke for the debian & ubuntu, the dt team should drop all debian & ubuntu development.

That is not what was said.

I just re-read entry #3, that’s still what I understand.

I think it means users move away, not the project.

It was also a one line fix to the deb package. No need for such theatrics.

Things break all the time in software.



That is not what I said, nor what I wrote.