DT crash reports -

Apologies, I don’t know too much about crashed and reporting. I’m running DT2.7 2162 on Win10. Just now I re-imported a folder that I had used with the same DT version but this time it gave a few warnings:

The resulting text files only say: this is darktable 2.7.0+2162~g60067f3d9 reporting an exception:

The photos, which are in the folder, don’t show in lighttable and when I double click them the program shuts down.

I also noticed crash reports from a couple of days ago - see attached. Any thoughts?darktable_bt_IUYBB0.txt (7.7 KB)

You should update, there is now a 3.0 rc1. Many bug fixes.

Thanks. Was tempted not to, because I had read somewhere on here 3.0 had some crash issues. Maybe that was rc0? Installed rc1 and so far, so good.

After updating to rc1 things were going fine, but in the last 2 days I’ve had a few similar “Error! Unhandled exception” messages similar to what I posted above. In this last incident, I had been working on an duplicate image edit for about 10 min and had used about 15 different modules including filmic, monochrome, tone curve masks etc. It crashed part way through. I checked the xmp file and it looked like nothing had been written - still just showed basic settings. Thinking back, I believe all the crashes happened in folders where I had duplicates of selected photos.

The text file generated states: darktable.exe caused an Access Violation at location 0000000063553DFE in module libpixman-1-0.dll Writing to location 0000000063595ABC

The crash from earlier this evening read: darktable.exe caused an Access Violation at location 0000000064942EE3 in module libwinpthread-1.dll Writing to location 00007FFF354BC4BF

There may be a problem with duplicate images. I experienced this last night: tried to read in a duplicate xmp created on another machine, but it was invisible. Then the program locked up, then on re-start the duplicate was visible.

I had similar error messages.

Then I started darktable with an missing database, deleted library.db before starting darktable, and a new database was created automatically. Then I reimported my files.

darktable is working now as expected!

Thanks - I’ll try that. Before I do though, can you tell me just what information is stored in the library.db file? I’m unsure if there is anything that is lost if the file is deleted then automatically recreated.

couple of options:

  • copy the library.db to save it to a different folder first and then delete it, a new database will be created upon startup
  • or start darktable and specify a new and none existing library filename

You can always browse the library file using any SQL browser to check the contents.

If you are having actual sidecar files the new database will be repopulated after reimporting using all the sidecar files.

If not select all images using darktable and write the sidecar files first.

So frustrating…on 3.0cr2 on Win10 and still getting these crashes. I believe they only happen when working on duplicate files or on images in an imported folder that has duplicates.