DT doesn't applies filters

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I have an extrange behaivour in darktable. I can see one of my images (including miniatures) with an specifi aspect, but, when I open that image in edition mode, it shows completely different and looks as it doesn’t applies filters to image.

I give you a video showing this problem: darktable - YouTube

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On the lighttable, you see the JPG preview embedded in the raw file, until you open the image.
In the darkroom, some processing modules are applied automatically, but darktable does not try to match the camera’s default processing.

I suggest that you read the documentation (darktable 4.0 user manual - darktable) and watch some of the tutorials recommended at the bottom of this page: resources | darktable


As kofa explained you are seeing the JPG preview in the lightroom but in the darkroom you are looking at the RAW image without the camera filters. With time and practice you will be able to process most of your images far superior to the out of camera JPGs. Good luck with Darktable and welcome to this very supportive forum.

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Just to add to the explanations above. Yes, initially you see the jpg preview provided by the camera. Then when you open it, you see the fairly plain RAW version. After this, when you leave the darkroom and go back to the lighttable, after a few seconds, it will generate a new thumbnail and replace the camera jpg with a thumbnail of your current edit of the RAW.

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Oh, and once you find you (almost) always use a handful of modules with some settings, it’s possible to:

  • mark them to be applied automatically (see auto apply this preset to matching images in the documentation)
  • define styles that apply several modules at once

This is an old post, and some modules have changed, but it should give you a good starting point:

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Thank you all for your replies. I’ll take a look the links above.