DT Fails to load RW2 from Panasonic DMCFZ2500


I have been using Darktable (Windows - Version 2.4) to process RW2 files from a Panasonic DMCFZ1000 and it was working fine.
I have since updated to a Panasonic DMCFZ2500 and now Darktable will not load these RW2 files. It comes up wlth the error ‘failed to read camera white balance information’.
Raw Therapee loads them fine but I like using DT.
I have updated DT to version 2.41 but still no luck.
Any suggestion of how to fix this would be appreciated.P1010259.RW2 (22.5 MB)

I forgot to upload an image, sorry

(Roman Lebedev) #2

Do you see that camera listed on https://www.darktable.org/resources/camera-support/ (no) and on https://raw.pixls.us/ (no)?

So you need to upload the full sample set to the second link, and open an issue.


I am having same issue with Panasonic DC-G9, I notice there are some samples here https://raw.pixls.us/data/Panasonic/DC-G9/


Sorry to hear that you are also having problems with Panasonic files as well. As requested I did upload samples sometime ago, so hopefully they do resolve the issues soon. It is such a pain to have to convert them to DNG before using DT. You do have to wonder why Panasonic had to change the RW2 format!!

(Roman Lebedev) #5

There is only one sample on RPU, so the full sample set is still required before the issue can be resolved.


Hi Roman Lebedev
Can you please explain what a “full sample set” is.
On https://raw.pixls.us/ it only states upload a file, which I did.

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I could not add the photos to the other area. So here are photos taken with auto camera settings. Hope they are of value. The other site is certainly not clear as to what is requiredSample Photos1.zip (88.4 MB)

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I’m not sure what you mean.
Upload the raws one by one, not packed into an archive.


The system would not allow me to load more than one file. I did try

(Roman Lebedev) #11

I can assure you it works for everyone else.
If you can post a screenshot of how “[it] would not allow me to load more than one file”, we should be able to help.


An update on lumix G9 which may be relevant the message “failed to read camera white balance information” popped up with certain images, in particular ones that were taking in continuous capture mode, the single image captures were fine.

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@sozman please use appropriate means to report bugs. a comment on discuss isn’t it.
https://redmine.darktable.org/projects/darktable/issues/new + attach the sample


Is there any update to allow RW2 images from a DMCFZ2500 to be opened in DT?
Thanks in advance

(Mica) #15

You need to upload each crop size for your camera to https://raw.pixls.us

(Roman Lebedev) #16

Should be in the next dt point release. No idea if/when it will be.

Yep, thanks, already have the samples and the bugreport.


Thanks for the update. Look forward to the issue being resolved.