dt X-Pro2 Camera not found

Hi there,

Even though I can work fine with X-Pro2 files, the camera is not recognized in the Lens Correction module.
If I’m not mistaken I think I can provide a RAW file to the developers in case they might need it in order to add the X-Pro2. Is that correct? In that case, where should I submit the file?

Lens correction is handled by the lens fun library, see this article for a tutorial on capturing the shots and doing the calibration: PIXLS.US - Create lens calibration data for lensfun

Have you tried running lensfun-update-data?

Thank you both for the advice.
What’s confusing is that the lens itself, a Fuji 23mm F2 WR, is recognized, the camera is not.

Check the denoise-(profiled) … you will see that your camera is correctly recognized.
You will also see that the body is recognized in the main image specs.

You’re right, the camera info is there.
For some reason, though, it doesn’t appear under the lens correction module:

Also, if I select manually, is not listed in the drop-down menu:

With the other Fuji cameras I have this doesn’t happen. X-E1 and X-E2 are shown in the lens correction module.

Make sure that ‘lensfun’ is installed and then run lensfun-update-data … your 23mm.f2 WR is definitely on the list.

Not quite sure to understand, David,

Do I need the lensfun in order to add the X-Pro2?
The Fuji 23mm is recognized, only the camera isn’t. Sorry for the basic questions, only it’s a little confusing…

PM sent…

So, it seems was just a glitch in the previous build.
RC2 works fine! :blush: