DT3.4: Copy and paste of image adjustments not working for lens correction

I am using Darktable 3.4 on Ubuntu 20.04 (installed via Ubuntu Software center, not Snap)

After copying of the image settings of an image with active and configured lens correction and pasting them onto another yet unchanged image, all settings are copied but the lens correction is always inactive and in default state.

Always good to read release notes. See them here:
darktable 3.4.0 released | darktable (just search copy word to find quickly)

And also darktable article about changes:
darktable 3.4: Encore! | darktable (same: use copy word…)

So, that’s normal behavior now. Some users complains about the opposite, especially when they use multiple cameras as copy/paste some modules between different cameras could be weird.

So just press shift+ctrl+c

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The reason it’s not always nice to have the lens correction copied:
Required correction can depend on the selected focal length of a zoom lens, not just the camera/lens combination. So just copying the parameters to another image taken with the same camera/lens combination can lead to the wrong correction. And some lenses go from barrel to pincushion distortion over their range…

Afaik, module parameters are an integral part of the copying process, I don’t think you can just copy the notion “use this module in it’s default state” (which might work for lens correction). How is the program to know that that’s what you want, anyway, in cases where there is no real default.

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Nilvus, rvietor,

thanks for your replies.

I’ve never thought about this problem because I copy/paste image settings within a series of images that belong together and - usually - have been taken with the same lens. However, I understand that the matter gets complicated when zoom lenses are used. I can understand that the damage caused by an inadvertent correction for the wrong lens may outweigh the convenience of copying lens correction settings. As Nilvus explained, the problem can be elegantly solved by using shift+ctrl+c.


A similar things happens with copying white balance, which is no longer included by default.

I am in the habit of editing one image then copying the history across to the series, and I do this so often that I found it easier to remap Ctrl + C to copy parts rather than copy. I am thereby reminded to check white balance.

The remapping needs to be done twice to make it work in Lighttable and Darkroom (search keyboard shortcuts for parts).