dtstyle.net broken?

Has anyone else tried to use this site recently? Went browsing for presets just now and none of the images are loading, is the site abandoned? Would love to know where I can get some presets for baseline adjustments and examples.

@andabata is the owner

Just FYI…your using Lightroom speak…presets are use in DT for modules. It is a way to apply that module in a certain way that is not the default. Styles are groups of modules that are often used in the way I believe that you are searching for with DT.

Most of the styles on that website are massively out of date and use modules from older versions.

There is not a big pool of presets as you will find with lightroom. You can search the forum for topics here and grab sidecar files to apply.

You might find the odd style that is useful here and there.

I find DT is most useful with auto applied presets that you define for each module that you want applied when you open an image. But for an overall look you really have to come up with something that you find useful. I don’t personally find many styles of much use in scene referred edits… with the big adjustments that get made with each image for exposure most just don’t really produce any sort of consistent look…

It’s busy unbreaking it self. Seems i broke some parts, and darktable-cli broke the other half.

It seems i don’t really have the time / motivation to give it any love. If anyone wants to do a redesign of dtstyle.net / maintain it. I would be happy to let some else do it. I don’t have an issue with still hosting it / paying for the domain.

I think it’s a shame that the site isn’t getting more “love” at the moment. darktable styles have been a useful resource and inspiration, especially for beginners. I would take @andabata offer to take care of the site.
However, after the major changes to darktable, the styles are probably mostly outdated. If we could collect styles here in the forum and considerable number users would participate, it might make sense to revise the page.
What do you think?

There are always options :slight_smile: It’s not that i was planning to shut it down or something. But it still runs the same code / design as when i made it in 2014. Apart from some bug fixes. As long it works, i’ll keep it running. But if someone wants to do a redesign of it all i’m happy to facilitate that.

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