Dust & Scratches semi-automatic filter

I posted this feature request in ART issues list, however, I expect that both RT and ART could benefit with this feature.
Please see details here:

In summary:

  1. provide an ability to isolate the areas of dust and scratches:
  • a) user to manualy set the detection radius, contrast threshold, and
  • b) perhaps also leverage the focus mask algorithm, but use it with different constants than those used for focus detection.
  • c) also, take into consideration whether dust and scratches are colored either bright (negative scans) or dark (transparency scans).
  1. inpaint isolated areas, automatically, based on the surrounding image data

  2. allow localized correction via application of additional masking. E.g. manual input via brushes.

@heckflosse perhaps this might be of interest to you. I was thinking that the focus mask algorithm might provide an additional input for detection of dust & scratches, especially for film scans as they would have a greater degree of sharpness compared to the rest of the film.

@David_Tschumperle might be interested as well.

Just found this video of a commercial plugin which seems to illustrate the concept well:

I have 2 G’MIC CLI commands (afre_cleanphoto and afre_cleanphoto1) that deal with blemishes and doesn’t require user annotation. No GUI so far however.

PS This is my post on them.