Dutch darktable book/manual


A couple of years ago, I was teaching STE(A)M to a group of students. One of the projects was about photography and I discovered darktable as an excellent (and free) application to develop pictures. My students (14-16 years old) spoke English but weren’t fluent enough to understand the manual. So i made some small posts on my website about using darktable.

After writing some short tutorials, I wanted to give my students a more comprehensive manual that was accessible and understandable for beginners. So 2,5 years ago I wrote my own, shorter, version of the darktable manual (based on version 1.1.1 of the official manual). I focused on providing enough information for beginners without giving too much details.

I gave some talks about open source in general and darktable too in my region in Belgium and used my book for the courses about darktable.

Last week I updated the book to reflect the changes from darktable 2.6 to 3.6.x. I posted it on my website as a free e-book. I wanted to share it here too, to make it easier to discover for users looking for something in Dutch. But can I share this link here or is it frowned upon beacuse it’s some sort of ad for my website (which has Google ads)?

I’m quite proud of the book and I’m open to recieve some constructive feedback :wink:

Edit: this is the link https://kevinvermassen.be/2021/08/17/2e-editie-handleiding-darktable/


You can share a link or just attach a copy of the ebook here.

Ok, thanks! I edited the post to contain the link: https://kevinvermassen.be/2021/08/17/2e-editie-handleiding-darktable/

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knap staaltje werk, mooie handleiding

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Bedankt :smiley:

Hallo Kevin, het (up to date) handboek is zeer goed te lezen op papier, weliswaar een lijvig document, maar toch de moeite. Ik lees nog steeds liever dergelijke documentatie op papier dan op een scherm, anders is er noodzaak voor een tweede scherm ! ! !
Niettemin bedankt voor die moeite die je hebt gedaan.
ps: de vorige versie was al een heel goed begin.