Dutch skyline #2

Just a heads up: Panorama is significantly downsized, but it’s still big…

These windmills are called Molendriegang (“Mill-triple”). To be found between Leidschendam and Stompwijk in the Netherlands (on OpenStreetMap)


Machtig prachtig! :grinning:

Love that leading line the windmills create, pulling me into the center.

Very nice panorama :+1:. Though I would have removed the two poles at the bottom.

Oh man, how could I have missed those!

I thought at first that you were talking about the fence on the bottom left, but I now see that I did overlook two poles in the middle :confounded: I’ll remove them on my side, but will not re-upload (your comment would become a mystery otherwise).

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You have a lot of great shots Jacques, I hope you are making prints, and/or selling?

This may just be my personal taste - but if reality is not a priority in this picture, I would also look to remove all the orange lights, which I find distracting, especially viewed full size. Would make it look more rustic.

I don’t sell or do commissioned shoots, I do make the occasional print though and did give some (reprints) away.

I did have a look at those lights while editing and decided very early on that they are going to stay.

The majority of the skyline shots that I come across are high-rise buildings against a darker early morning/night backdrop with a lot of, often coloured, lights. A clear sign of a hectic/busy city. The very few and single coloured lights that can be seen in the above shot are a nice contrast to that and tells (me only?) that this is a very quiet and rustic place. I’m also somewhat wary that removing them will say/imply that my intention was to create a more silhouetted image. It was not.

There is, however, one light spot that definitely maybe needs to go now that I’ve looked at it with fresh eyes: The one, on +/- 25% from the right, that’s even visible on the small version shown above.

Anyway: I do appreciate those comments, keeps me looking at different things and reevaluate my train-of-thought.

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That one, and the big orange horizontal streak near centre frame are the worst offenders. But don’t mind me, my taste is stuck in time a few centuries ago, and your landscapes remind me of those by old dutch master painters.