Dynamic Profile Rules with Custom Tags

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I shoot all my digital work on Fujifilm gear and I’m noting that shots utilizing the DR200 and DR400 feature (basically increasing the dynamic range for SOOC JPGs) are underexposed by 1 respectively 2 in the RAW files.

I was informed, by @agriggio, that this could be helped by Dynamic Profile Rules to apply the correct exposure compensation. I’m struggling getting this to work though. This is what I’ve tried:

I’ve created a new Processing Profile called DR400 which ups the Exposure Compensation with 2. I’ve created a Dynamic Profile Rule with the following content:


The RAW metadata lists the tag I’m trying to match like so:


My default processing profile is set to:


I’m assuming that I’m missing something obvious. Any help greatly appreciated :heart:

You are almost there, you only need to use the tag name as it appears on the tooltip in the metadata panel rather than the “pretty name” you see. So it should be something like Exif.Fujifilm.DevelopmentDynamicRange or similar (just check the tooltip)

@agriggio Ahhh, of course. I’ll try that as soon as I’m done cooking dinner.

I did note that two rules, with the same triggers, only applied the first profile. Is it possible to merge the profiles somehow or edit them so only enabled modules are listed?

I basically want a rule that is always applied, multiple for a specific camera, some for different lenses and lastly for some custom tags.

Hold Ctrl when clicking the save profile button. You then can choose what exactly to save in it.


If you are optimizing for the raw capture and not the jpeg, you should turn off all the DR stuff.

@paperdigits That makes me curious. Is it that much of an issue that the RAWs and under exposed and adjusted in ART?

What are the potential issues? I’m trying to walk a fine line between using SOOC JPGs and being able to edit keepers.

This sounds like an interesting conversation, but maybe on a different thread? Seems to be getting a bit OT…

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I’ll give one final reply here. If you want more discussion please start a new thread, there are lots of Fuji users on the forum.

When you under expose you’re loosing dynamic range and possibly introducing more noise. But if you want SooC jpg, then it must be that way.

There are at least two ways of getting the SooC jpeg while only capturing in raw (1) the camera can process the raw after the fact and produce a jpeg and (2) use Fuji’s desktop software to process the raw. Both of these are more work, so if what you’re after is workflow speed, then they’re not really valid.