Dynamic Profiles list: Up or down?

So I wanted to set up three profiles: “General”, “high iso” and “low iso”. The rule for “low iso” is 0-160 iso.

Is the idea that I’m supposed to put the “General” one on top, and then the more specific rules below?

For some reason I started out putting the “General” at the bottom, thinking that it was a sort of catch-all low priority thing that should be last, and thus at the bottom. Only once I placed “General” at the top, things started to work. I wonder if the UI should have a little text label somewhere explaining how the list is scanned?

Super nice feature btw! :+1:

the idea is that rules are processed in order, so the lower ones will override those that come earlier (i.e. are higher) in the list, if they both match. This is documented in rawpedia (http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Dynamic_processing_profiles) but a visual indication in the GUI is something that I’d personally consider reasonable to have.

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